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Contact Information


Brenda Benkly

9300 Marsh Creek Road

Clayton, CA  94517

Phone:  925-348-0184

Email:  npkranch@gmail.com

Our Story

Welcome!  I am a representative for Specialized and TW Saddles and the North American Distributor of Archer Equine Saddle Pads from Australia.

As you know a "proper saddle fit" is key to your horse's comfort and performance.  Having ridden NATRC and Endurance since the late 80's, I have ridden and purchased a variety of different saddles.  Finally, in 2007 I bought an adjustable Specialized Saddle.  My saddle is now seven years old and has been adjusted to fit a wide variety of horses' backs.  Some horses are easy to fit and others quite challenging.  For example an A-framed, short backed horse like my little mustang Zip, took multiple adjustments, before achieving a proper fit.  The beauty of the Specialized Saddle is as your horse's back changes you can adjust the saddle accordingly maximizing your horse's comfort and performance.  Specialized has a nice selection of saddles for almost all types of riding.  Browse through the website and please contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for visiting North Peak Ranch.

So let's Saddle Up and Ride!