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Its hard to imagine what a saddle will feel like without actually trying it with your horse. We believe so strongly in our product that we are happy to provide you with a demo to ride. All you have to do is pay for shipping.

You can choose from any of the saddle in our product range available in the Western and Trailmaster models. We recommend that you speak with one of our fitting specialists before placing your order for a demo, so you can get the saddle that best suits your horse and the kind of riding you do.

Our demo program requires a security deposit of $1250 of which $50 is applied towards shipping the demo saddle to you. Customer is responsible for return shipping and shipping the saddle back to Specialized Saddles within 10 days. Details are found on the order page and included with shipment of your demo saddle.

$1200 will be refunded or credited against your purchase of a new saddle. Our demo saddles are not new and in some cases you can elect to purchase the demo saddle at normal retail price and save additional freight and time. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery of your demo saddle.

The term for the trial is 10 days. If the saddle is not shipped back to Specialized Saddles within 10 days after delivery, an overtime charge of $10 per day is assessed to your credit card.

You can order a demo saddle in our store, click here for "Try Before You Buy".


Base Price $2350

San Antonio

Base Price $2650

Barrel Revolution

Base Price $2350

Featherlite Trail

Base Price $2095

TW Saddles


The Eurolight's innovative design reduces weight without reducing comfort or performance.  Easy to change seats are offered in both padded leather and fleece is numerous colors. Available with fenders, bottle holders, and tooling.

Base Price $1595


The International is most like a traditional English design and features adjustable knee rolls and flaps with leathers. The International is designed with a pommel for added security and is popular with suede seat and knee rolls.

Base Price $2195


​The Trailmaster is a classic endurance and trail riding saddle. It features fenders in a close contact time proven design. Many options are available so you can customize it to your taste and preferences.

Base Price $1845

Specialized Saddles


TW saddles bring a revolutionary approach to comfort for the horse and rider. Narrow twist, close contact, and lightweight are feature built into all TW saddles.  All horses perform and behave better when they move without soreness or restriction.

A. Our patented adjustable fit is accomplished three ways…

- Pad position: changes width in a “snap”
- Pad thickness: neoprene pads come in four thicknesses.
- Shims: add arch or “rock” to fit horses with more dip in their back, and shims come in four thicknesses

B. Made From Finest quality leather with oil tan leather seat and billet liners and soft European leather for seat, over two layers of memory foam which contours to shape of your seat.

C. Nylon reinforced 1″ leather billet straps on our English dressage type rigging system.

D. Three Stirrup positions allow for forward, balanced, or centred stirrup position.

Patented 3-D Fitting System

  • Width, Arch, and Angle can be independently adjusted to achieve a perfect fit for the ultimate in comfort for your horse.
  • Easy to adjust as a horse changes shape or you change horses. No tools required.
  • Lightweight durable designs begin at 16 lbs complete.
  • Numerous Specialized and TW saddle models available covering most riding disciplines.  Trees available for extra-wide horses and mules.
  • Try our saddles before you buy. 

Adjust Specialized and TW Saddle Width

Trail Light

Base Price $2350

Ranch Versatility

Base Price $2350


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